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Intelligence is a factor developed by human beings from over a long period of time; from the period of apes to the present day, humans have evolved along with mental and physical factors.   We have made many discoveries and put forward more theories and inventions.  But many of these discoveries were first put on paper, handwritten and planed in order to successfully carry out the rest of the procedure.
What if the planer’s handwriting was not eligible and reduce to a scrawl?  No would understand what he has written {and in worst case he couldn’t understand his own handwriting XD (No pun intended)} No would understand his ideas and call him a maniac, His discoveries would go undiscovered and his efforts in theorizing that would be worthless.
As much importance given to thinking and theorizing, presentation would also count. As presentation helps the man to show his discoveries and theories to the world, enhancing everyone and showing them the unknown mysteries of our planet.
Hence I conclude my words stating that handwriting is thing which everyone must or at least learn to write legibly for other to read and explore.

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The cucumber plight

Two hardworking farmers’ Shravan & Sham lived together growing cucumbers in their field.

One night a pesky jackal ate up all the cucumbers in a stealthy manner. Next morning when Shravan & sham discovered it they were shocked. Sham advised “why don’t we build a hut here & keep a watch on the crops.” Soon the idea was implemented.  Sham decided to guard the fields.  Next night the fox came and discovered their guarding system.  So the Jackal tricked Sham by calling itself a ghost.  This scared Sham and made him to run away.

Again Jackal ate up all the crops.

This time Shravan decided to guard the field.  So later at night Shravan took the guard position.  The Jackal tried the same trick again.  But this time the Jackal was exposed and his cover was blown off.  Shravan was acknowledged that the cucumber thief was none other than a Jackal.  He bought his bamboo cane and silently hit the jackal on its back.  The Jackal moaned  in pain and ran away.   Then from the next day the two farmers started growing crops and lead a happy life ever after.

Moral: One Who Eats Salt must drink Water.

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Permanent Happiness

Once there was a boy Roshan. He never used to study and keep loitering. His parents were hopeless about him.

One day he was resting in a lazy manner. On that chilly evening he stares out of the window, there he sees a little bird building its nest inspite of the cold wind flowing. After building its warm and cosy nest the bird sat in it happily.

By seeing this he understood the message that only by doing things with great hardwork we can get permanent happiness. So he studied hard and passed his exams with flying colours.

So friends even we must struggle to experience permanent happiness.

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Sohan the Book King -3

Sohan was moving forward as the lamps in his way was lightening.  He halts as he was surrounded by the Books.  Suddenly the way to go back was closed.  Sohan looks around helplessly, thinking of a way to escape. Then he saw the ceiling where the exit was present.   Suddenly he heard a voice.  saying  “young apprentice you have to recite a beautiful quote in order to create the ladder of words”. Sohan halts for a moment and thinks. then taking a deep breath, he says

“Never loose hope, Hope Helps us to Climb our life mountain like a Rope”.

The voice replies “impressive apprentice!!!!! you deserve a stair case not a ladder!!!”  and POOF!!!!!!!!!!  a stair case appears. He now is in a room in the roof.

The  voice again, darted out   “Bravo Apprentice you seem to be intelligent more than I expected.  Before proceeding you must answer  my question”.

The voice asked the Question.”Which is better shade or warmth?” Sohan replied shade.  “How is it possible??” the voice asked. Sohan replied that “you said that you will ask me only one question and I have answered the same, So no more questions.” The voice said, “Bravo my son Bravo. Well done.  Now proceed.”

Sohan came to a hall full of treasures.   A light flashes & suddenly the voice came to its true  form. It was king Parikshith testing Sohan.  “You passed all the tests now these vast riches belong to you, But knowledge is the real treasure” said King Parikshith and gifted him a Magic book – which can give any information.

Magic  book.
Magic book.

The door opens and Sohan moves out.  His Friends were very Happy.  Sohan narrated the incident to them.  Later he handed over the treasure to the Government and request them to utilize same for the people’s welfare. All of them were very excited and Thanked Sohan for his generosity.
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Sohan The Book King Part 2

He kept on walking in the labyrinths of the monument.  Suddenly he sees a dead-end that was a big door leading to a hall way. As Sohan went very close to the door, suddenly the door opened and voila! it was the same old lost Library!!!!!.

Sohan went inside the library, the place was as brand as new.  Suddenly the burning lamp in the library flickered and was extinguished.   Even the door behind him closes.  He was very Scared.

Suddenly he saw a projection like precipice, It would even talk.

Precipice: “Dear Apprentice, I am king Parikshith!!!.
Sohan: I am Sohan.
King: Who gave you the access to my Library?
Sohan: When I stood staring the door, it opened.
King: Do You read books?
Sohan: (Humbly) Yes.
King: Well, Do You know the secret of this Library?
Sohan: No.
King: No, Right? Now Listen,

Centuries ago, this piece of land was my kingdom.  Due to the vast riches and Technological advancement my kingdom flourished.  Hearing this, the neighboring King Kirathak was jealous and planned to attack and loot the kingdom. When  our spies informed this we were terrified.  Myself and My Ministers hatched a brilliant plan. We hid all our treasures in this Library.  Then when the Kirathak attacked our kingdom we bravely fought against them.  But Kirathak’s army was very fierce and we lost the battle.   Due to our plan Kirathak couldn’t get even a single coin.  Now you are the only one who can find the Treasure.  Now go.

The king lures Sohan a map and disappears.

Now Sohan is in the state of Do or Die.
What will happen to Sohan????
Will He get the Treasure????

Keep Reading to find out.

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Sohan The Book King [Part 1]

Once there lived a boy called Sohan. He was studying  7th Grade in a local School.  Sohan always love reading books.  He would also dream about books.

Unfortunately, he was very poor  and could not afford to buy  books, but Sohan did not Cowed down. He borrowed books from his friends and school library and was reading.  Due to his reading habits he always got good grades in school.

One day Sohan visited an ancient monument, there the guide explained about the monument’s history.  The Monument was palace of the King named “Pariskshith”,  who loved to read books. Legends Say that He had a secret library and only a person with a devoted mind to books  could get the access to the Library.

After going inside the monument Sohan lost his way.  He tried to get out of the place,  but couldn’t find his way to come out of the Monument.……

What will happen to Sohan??????
Will he ever get out of the monument?????

Keep Reading to Find Out!!!!!

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Fast Food a Falling Trap

One day my friend Vipul, said that he would be going to a Fast Food Outlet to eat Burger.  I told him that Frequently eating Fast Food like Pizza or Burger  is not good for Health.  But he went and had Burger.

He didn’t come to school for 4 days.  When he was back I asked why he was absent,  He replied to me that, he had a stomach upset and was not able to come to the school. He asked sorry, for ignoring my advice.

Fast or Junk food and Soft drinks contains Harmful chemicals and Preservatives,  While eating we feel it is good and tasty but later it will affect our stomach.

Like Vipul, Many people fall into the Trap of Fast Food and fall ill.  Therefore Eat Healthy and Nutritious food like Fruits and Vegetables which contains lot of Vitamins and Mineral which help us to grow in a healthy manner.

Health is Wealth!!!!!!!!!

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Cleanliness and Discipline

There are many great personalities who thought us human values such as “cleanliness and Discipline“.  Here with sharing the some lessons taught by our Presidents.

  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad :

He was our first President.  As he was a president he was leading a simple life and always said that “He was the People’s Servant“. He showed great respect for  “Cleanliness and Discipline“.

Once when he returned from his office, found that his Favorite Novel book was torn and the pages were scattered on the ground.  He knew that this was done the children.  He called them and asked each one them how many pages  they have torn. He said that the children will get the money equal to the no. of pages which they had torn.  All the children were happy and started telling the truth.  Rajendra Prasad Honestly  gave them the money and told them politely “Books are the Resource of Knowledge” and Tearing the pages from the Book is not a Good Practice.  Children understood their mistake and promised him that they will not do that again.


  • Zakir Hussain :

He was the third president of India and he played an important role in the field of Indian Education and Culture.  Before becoming the president he was vice-chancellor at Jamia-Milia University in Delhi.  He often said to his students to wear Neat clothes and polished shoes.  Still some student were not following the rules.  He thought a plan to educate the students about the “Cleanliness“.  The Next day he  sat in front of the University Main Gate  as show polisher and started polishing the student’s shoes.  Some of his students recognized him and felt shamed about their behavior.  Later Students learnt lesson on “Cleanliness” and started wearing Neat clothes and Polished Shoes!!!!!!.

Hope You Enjoy Reading this article.

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The secret Document

One  after noon I came from School with Hindi Test paper in which I had scored less marks..  Till evening I was reading Adventure story.  Suddenly I saw a shooting star and I wished hard that my mother should not see my Hindi Paper.  Then it  came straight on my  terrace and when I saw it was UFO.  An Alien came out and said that he had come from his planet on the orders of Emperor  Dihin to find a secret document which is hidden on the Earth.  I promised to help him.  After going inside my room he replied that his senses were locating the secret document in my room!!!!.  I wondered what was that?  After hours of search  he found  the  secret document in my wardrobe!!!!.   It was nothing but my “Hindi Paper”.  He took it and left for his planet.  Now I understood that Emperor Dihin was actually “Hindi”.

Special Note to Readers:  Happy Holidays and utilize your time to learn new skills and Enjoy your holiday.

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